This year’s Camera Show & Swap was basically the exact same as it was last year. A lot of the same camera gear at the same ridiculous prices. I did find a table that was some old camera guys son who was trying to unload the ‘camera junk’ his father had collected for 30 years. I bought this Yashica C TLR from him for a steal. I have been looking for a good TLR replacement since the demise of the Seagull & I think that i have found It.

I think that is awesome the this is an Ex-Etown Camera. (McBain Camera is the Lens & Shutter of Edmonton) that makes it kinda more personalized.

Here are nine shots from the first test roll that I took.

I love it. It seems to produce really sharp contrast filled images. I will be taking it to cuba and we will see what I can get from that.

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