Last week I developed my first roll of Black & White film from the Yachica C down in our darkroom. (side note.. It has been a really long time since I have developed my own film I nearly forgot how to load it) I am quite happy with the results. The DOF with this camera is very shallow, more then I would expect from a medium format f/3.8 so sharp focus will be a bit challenging, but the viewfinder is quite bright and it does have a built in loupe so I should be able to get the swing of it in another roll or two. The bokah is certainly peerrrrttyyy though so a few out of focus will be well worth it. These were just quickly scanned in with my Canon flatbed so the photos are laking in the mid-tones, they are full of moiré where the negatives touch the flatbed, and they are scratched all to hell. :) I am excited to get an Epson V750 and an air compressor installed downstairs in the darkroom. Together they should make short work of scanning in the future.

These are some photos of my wonderful Honda CB400T that I am reasonably certain your sick of hearing me talk about, but it is what it is.