Well after re-reading my last post I can safely say that constant interruptions to my train of thought are highly detrimental to my writing. Man I sound like a lobotomized chimp in that last post. I mean I will be the first to admit that I ramble on about nothing, my grammar is more then often atrocious, that I make these especially long run-on sentences that should have far more punctuation that would make even Douglas Adams roll around and dance the macarania in his grave. But that was the most awful, uninspired, and pointless block of text that I have ever had the displeasure of writing. I apologize to any one that may have actually been reading it in the hopes that buried beneath the incorrect there/theirs and the copious number of words that are not even in the correct context and have no place even with in the sentence that there may have been a nugget of wisdom or profound insight. Rest assured that there was in fact not. For that I am humbly sorry. I have to admit that I never actually proofread any of my blog entries so for all I know the last post may be entirely indicative of most of my posts. But being that beyond this apology I both don’t care and haven’t the inkling to rectify this in any way shape or form. If the unrefined nature of my post is not to your liking then I must implore you to bear with me and my blatant disregard for literary clarity and quality. If one was unable to bear with the blatant butchering of the English language, I do happen to post a lot of pictures, this of course being a photo blog and all.
Nuff said :)

I am just as before rambling away to my self so ya :) in other news Erin from the Gb’s came over and picked up the Cd. She seamed really happy with it so I am glad. She especially really liked the printable cd thing. I printed off another colour on so she could show it to Mel. They are going to talk about it but they may get me to help them with there press kits. SO that would be really cool. My darling Miranda has looked it to using a protective spray or something to help seal the ink so it isn’t so water-soluble. I would hate to have the ink come off or smudge and what have you. So They are gonna yak about it and let me know :) That printer is just so bloody cool.
So this weekend I am going to have coffee with drew and see if he can help us out with our site in terms of having it Database driven. We may try and do it our self but it would be nice to see what he has to say about this. He can have an idea if what we are doing is actually feasible :)
Because this is a photo journal that I have been posting very little in the terms of photos I am going to post more photo from the Mark Birtles Project

Well it looks like I am getting close to the end of the shift, so I am going to start wrapping this blog entry up and yes I am going to reread it before it is posted :)

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