Yes this Saturday October 18th 2008 is World Toy Camera Day!! We should all do our best to fire off as much film as we can in a plastic/toy/low-fi camera photo frenzy.  I have the Saturday (as it stands currently) free even, which is not something that happens often!!

So I say load up on a variety of 120 films and grab your favorite plastic/toy/crap camera and join us to rock the Low-Fi.  Where to join us you ask?  Well the consensus is to start under the Granville bridge near Beach ave and meander northish towards the Black Frog for beers and good eats!

If you are interested in joining us then meet us down right at the water here for 2:30pm. If you don’t currently have means to rock the low-fi you can go to Beau Photo and pick up some sort of Holga or a Diana+ for cheap!!

Jebus Loves Film!
Jebus Loves Film!

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