I have gotten all the film back from our World Toy Camera Day Granville street walk about, and I am posting some highlights of the day. I shot with a large variety of cameras like the Diana+, Pentacon Six TL, Canon Film, Sprocket Holga, and Polaroid Land Camera, and other people were as equally armed with plastic crappy cameras.

Started with some Food @ The Templeton – Canon EOS3

Found some cleaning Supplies – Canon EOS 3

Then we found some camera Supplies – Canon EOS 3

Funny thing is we actually did stop for camera supplies here – Sprocket Holga

Wandered around Granville Street – Sprocket Holga

All the gear.  This was just for 6 of us :)
This photo is from Kimli. You can click on it and it has notes.

Some of the Peeps (m is missing here)Pentacon Six TL, Canon EOS 3 with Fuji Velvia Cross Processed

And after wandering till the light was bad for our Holgas we went to the Black Frog for a Pint

You can see the rest of the days photos on flickr.