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So this last week was pretty much the first week that we have had a home and an office in well… forever and i have to say that thus far it is pretty awesome. Hopefully I will get the chance to do a little more wall demo this week and not have to go out into the main hallway every time I need a new kitchen item. We have been doing the ‘move as you need it’ form of moving that is where you leave everything where it is and simply run back and forth for things as you require them. So let’s say you want to make soup? OK well go to the old home/new office and grab a pot, spoon, bowl etc. I figure that eventually we end up moved and what ever doesn’t get brought over by Christmas can go to goodwill cause it is obvious that we didn’t need it anyway. The normal I am moving so lets cull and clean out all our junk is something that we haven’t had the opportunity to do in the the last three moves. In fact we have been moving the same packed boxes from one home to the next for three or four years. I don’t even know what in most of them.
On a different note the PC to Mac data migration is complete. I am now officially using Mac for 95% of everything I do. I still have a PC backup server but that doesn’t really do much other then backup. I say 95% because there is a few programs that I can’t find a mac equivalent for. Programs like Breezebrowser are hard to replace. (and before one you comments and suggests that Adobe Bridge as a replacement it isn’t the same thing. Perhaps one day I will get into breezebrowser and highlight some of it little known features.) I will do the boot camp thing on the imac when I get a chance but for right now I am using the backup server for my minimal PC requirements.  I have it on my Macbook but it seems just wrong to load up WinXp on a Mac it is like i ruined it or something.  It’s funny cause Mac OSX86 on the PC is Simply the awesome mixed with the cutest kittens possable! It is like you improved a PC 1000% as soon as you see an apple logo as the boot screen.

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