With Many Hobbies Come Many Helmets!

Yup I got my DOT approved scooter helmet the other day! So Yaaay! My risk of dying via a catastrophic head injury has diminished & that is something to be happy with! It got me thinking about the number of helmets that I actually own, and how it seems that every time I try something new I need a new different helmet! Helmet Gif

7 Replies to “With Many Hobbies Come Many Helmets!”

  1. OMG, please forgive me for using this word but that GIF is the cutest thing ever. it goes really well with the song im listening to! it is RAD.. maybe i could have used rad and not cute oh well. :)

  2. It doesn’t really match the metal music I’m listening to, sorry. One for each hobby? Which one is your guitar playing helmet?

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