When you are in thick of wedding season it can be hard to remember that they are good times. When you can see nothing but calendar filled with endless red blocks all indicating someone’s wedding, it could be considered normal to be a little over whelmed. However, when you haven’t had a wedding for a few weeks you can start to miss things that you take for granted in the middle of July. You start longing to hear songs like “Twist and Shout” or “YMCA” more then is generally considered to be healthy. You actually start loosing weight because you aren’t feasting on fantastic food twice a week. You start to go to bed before 3am. Then a winter wedding swoops in and saves us from the doldrums of never-ending album layouts, Photoshop work, and other enduring tasks on the computer. Tonight we had the first wedding ever where the Chicken dance was actually played!! (no one danced though) This believe it or not has never happened before. Hurray for Dancing Chickens!!