So I realize that I have been mostly absent for a while but I have been pretty sick as of late so when I have a choice of getting to bed early or blogging, I haven’t been choosing the latter. However, today I am feeling fine even though I am at work. It is farley slow here most likely because it is 7 in the morning and normal humans aren’t awake at this bloody hour and those that are aren’t necessarily interested in playing with there phones. So suffice it to say that I have a great deal of time on my hands this morning. Been sort of busy over the last little bit well I should clarify that I have been normally busy but I am sleeping 16 a day so I my normal days seem that much busier. Miranda and hooked up a gig where we will do some photos and such for a East Indian Bridal Magazine. This is uber cool for we will be doing a whack of the photos and getting credits on all of them. If all goes well it may be another cover for us. :) Not a paying gig, but the editor of the new magazine will set up the wardrobe, hair and makeup, and we get the portfolio work so it is good deal. So we have been setting up our studio and what not we got some lights the other day which is cool. We got some 500w/s strobes with modeling lights, umbrellas, stands, and snoots/barn doors etc… so good times I will be sure to post some photos when we have them.