Ahh well so where have you been you ask? Well it should come as no surprise that I haven�t blogged for a week or three. I mean it is not that uncommon. A lot has happened over the last few weeks

I had two separate photo calls for See Magazine in the last two weeks. I got to go take photos of upcoming productions in Edmonton. The first was a production at the Tim�s Centre for the arts called The 7 Dwarfs. It was a odd play from what I could tell filled with Monster ducks and fighting dwarf type things. It looked interesting and if only to see the crazy costumes. I was great I got to hob knob with all the other media types and grab some great photos for the Magazine.

The next was Carmen�s Angel a one man show at Catalyst theatre about a crime scene photographer.

This was by far less organized then the last photo call but it was still a learning experience. I discovered that the obnoxious photographer that Mike and I have had to deal with at every large event in Edmonton including the Anti War Protests and fires at Chinese super markets. You see at all these events there was two photographers that were always there. One was a mild mannered type of photographer always taking photos but not in any ones face, in fact if you weren�t looking at these events in though a photog�s eye you wouldn�t notice him at all. The other photographer would get in everyone�s way and strut about with huge cameras and larger lenses in a bright orange photographer coat with more pockets then Michel Jackson�s red leather jacket. Always talking to the ladies and trying to be the centre of attention, talking about shit that he has no clue about like he is an expert on the subject�. Well I got to spend the better part of two hours trying desperately to not call him a stupid moron while I waited for the tech and the actor to get ready. It is so funny though that the staff of these newspapers directly resembles my personal feelings about the papers themselves. Any way Kristy the work experience student and I had a good chuckle over it.
Speaking of Kristy the work experience student I suppose I should enlighten you all as to what the hell I am talking about. Kristy was a Nait Photography student that came and helps us out for a few days. In fact our house has been quite busy over the last few days for we have also been the host to John from Ontario. John has been staying with us to try and hook up with girl (as he puts it it�s a complicated story) all sorts of fun at the studio I tell you.
In other news I had a photo shoot with the new model Jamie. http://member.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=130159 This was the first shoot that I had with her so I was the usual awkwardness for the first little bit but we got in to it after a while and it was smooth sailing.

I had Ali come and do the makeup for us. Man that girl knows her shit. I have never had a complaint in the few times that she has come out to help us. Her work is fantastic and she is always watching for things that I may miss. She is really good at the whole stylist job really. The best part is that she is moving to Vancouver so I will have access to a makeup artist when we move out there.

I also had another two shoots with Twilla this weekend the first shoot we actually went down to the lounge beneath us and used their leather couches and fancy colour wall for shots and the second was a golf type thing that we did today in the morning