Happy Canada Day!!! So where have you been you ask :) Well Well Well. Miranda and I went up to Long Island Lake for the extended long weekend. We went up on Friday after she got off work and we got back this afternoon. For those not in the know Long Island Lake is a Lake that is about an hour and forty five minutes north of Edmonton, this is the lake that we all grew up going to for weekends with the family and may long weekend drinking bashes. I had not been back to this place in almost 5 years or more with the exception of an afternoon or so two years ago. We went up and spent Friday night through till Tuesday morning with Miranda’s family at a private campsite call the Rod & Gun. It was a very relaxing time and I think that I got lots of good pictures. So that is where I have been for a while. We got back today to a kitten that missed us dearly and a very hot loft. :( They still are putzing with the air conditioning in the building and it is still around 30ËšC to 40ËšC inside our house. If you are wondering where all the Black and white that I have been shooting is well it is unfortunately to hot to develop film. :( On a different note I went down to the Legislature grounds this afternoon, well it was more like Six O’clock, and started scouting a spot to grab some photos of the fire works. So I ride behind the Terrance Building at the back of the legislature closer to the river and I found the spot of spots right there. Right on I think to my self bit I look around to see all sorts of people sitting down with there snacks, camp chairs, and other such things, and some of these people look like they have been there for a while already. Now it is 6ish and the Fireworks are not till 11 O’clock, and I am thinking to my self that this could be a bad deal if I don’t get here at least at 8ish. So as I am riding away this fellow named Darren with a camera and large LowePro bag flags me down. As it turns out he was a Photographer from Penticton, British Columbia and was in town with his girlfriend for the fire works. So I was able to give him the skinny about the fire works like where they were being shot from, the times that the water fall starts, and the best location to see them. He was there early and was planning on staying and he offered to save me a spot with them. So a long story short I was able to fire off home have dinner with Miranda and putz about at home before going out and I was able to still get a good spot with a great view. Their friends and them self were nice people that were decent company, for the couple of hours that we were there. I was able to get some decent Digital pictures of the fire works and hopefully get some great ones out of the roll of slide film that I have as well. But I am sure that I am blithering on about nothing in particular so I will leave it at that.