So lately I have been the early riser in our house. I love getting up at silly stupid hours and then lording it over other people. “What you just got out of bed?? Man I have been up for hours!!!” You know that sort of thing. But this morning I slept in till 8:30 or so and when I woke I found that M was already up and at… Mmm… Wonder what time she woke up? So after reading some email I get up to her early rising being lorded over me.

“Its about time, you got up! I have been up forever!!” M gloated gleefully over me, the usual early morning gloater.

“What the hell time did you get up this morning?” asked the late riser.

M sheepishly and quietly squeaked out “well I woke up about 5am or so worrying and I couldn’t get back to sleep?”

“What were you worrying about so much that you couldn’t get back to sleep?” R asked with typical husband concern.

So it’s been a while since I was in a nine to five, and even longer since I was in one that I was invested in enough to care about after I left the stifling confines of the work, but I am told that sometimes people can stay up at night worrying about stuff. Or wake up worrying about stuff and not be able to get back to sleep. Will I get that new promotion, I hope my boss likes me, what’s the best way to proposition sex from the office clerk with out ending up in a sexual harassment suit? So when M tells me that she was up worrying I sorta get concerned. Is she worried about the self employed thing, is she concerned about earthquakes, is she worried that when we go for breakfast that we are going to be inundated with bad 80’s hair metal?
(oh wait, that was yesterday :P)

So I shuffle close to hear what is vexing her so much that she got up before me…. In my best soap opera style concerned voice I ask

“What’s wrong, what has kept your precious sleep eluding you….?”

“Well I woke up worrying about getting my foot caught and drowning in my kayak”


So what you’re saying is that of all things that one could worry about in the world you are worried about this?

That is livin the life!