I am in Ralph Country, Or Pil Country, also known as Creston Beer country, and the land of ice and snow!

I have been for nearly a week and I am home sick. Never in my life have I been home sick before, & trust me I managed to be a bit of a vagabond for many years.

It’s funny because some one asked me if I was headed home for thanksgiving, and after some thought I have to say that Vancouver is officially my home now. I am only visiting Alberta & I simply can’t wait to head home! Especially now that we have a home that is ours (I say ours but really for the next 25 years it belongs to the bank) We are moving in at the end of November (the 28th to be exact) and while I am prepared to move all by myself I am offering beer & pizza to any would be box haulers out there :).

The plan is to have our pro-photog party and our house warming that following weekend (so keep your calendars free for November 28th and December 5th!!) thus forcing us to unpack and organize quickly. That is the idea anyway! anyhow I ave to run and shoot a wedding now. Just dropping a note.