So I had this weird dream that I took my Cat to a geology course that I was taking at the UofA. I had stuck her in my backpack and took her with me. I was trying to leave class because the next one was starting but my bag was stuck on something. So the new class is filing in and I am having trouble getting my bag with the super sneaky hidden kitty in it unstuck from the desk. I woke up and I haven’t been able to get back to sleep so I just got up!

In other news Adaware is not the end all be all of spy/nuisance warez removal. After successfully installing a whole whack of junk by accident to my laptop I eventually resorted to reinstall to remove it. It was evil spy ware. The actual spy ware itself could be removed with no problem but there was a little ap that was running in the background that would continuously reinstall the junk the moment that I connected to the internet. If you ended the task of the little ap it would delete the file and create a new one to replace it and start over. In the hour that I fucked with it until I gave up, it continued to place random executables though out the windows directory and then use these random files to replicate itself if I was actually able to end its process. All bad news I tell you. The piss me off part of it all is I was totally going to ghost the drive so I wouldn’t have to reinstall all this stuff in a day or so. Burn!