I am not sure what is happening here, but it is a different street photo then I normally post. I actually try to go out of my way in my normal street photography to withhold the face. I find that whatever expression sets the tone of the photo regardless of what was actually happening or what that person was feeling at the time of the photo. ?
I personally find that by withholding that expression the photo can become what you want it to be. You can imbue whatever feeling you want to the frame, and that can be subjective to you as the viewer as well. Others may feel the photo evokes an entirely different message as they are bringing their own subjectivity to the table. ?
I feel by withholding the face I can make the photo personal and meaningful to more people. That said this photo was almost on accident that we get to see what is going one here and then completely question whether or not we have any clue as to what is going on here. I was framing up to capture this person with their back to me almost in silhouette to the background as they leaned against the bus stop sign presumably waiting for the bus. But as the bus approached this person utterly bailed on waiting for the bus and turned around to reveal that there is an interesting person on the other side of the blank avatar that I was framing up. I almost forgot to push the shutter. :) ?

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