So it would seem that I drive poorly and my car is not a 4X4!


Yup in a mad race to hit the Future shop before it closed I managed to do this! Wasn’t going really that fast or anything but I really launched it over the curb! Not a big deal except 3 tires actually exploded in the process. THREE!!! I can stick my fingers though the side wall. WTF!!! So ya Not a 4X4 it would seem!

Thanks Josh for the lift and coming out! and the forthcoming Delica loan tomorrow! You ROCK!!

3 thoughts on “What?! Is this not a reasonable place to park?!

  1. Dude, that’s awesome! Well, it sucks that your tires need to be replaced, but the story is great. I wonder what the repair shop’s going to say when you tow the beast in.

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