I swear the only thing that I hate more the George W, is not being able to find things. I absolutely hate losing stuff and I also believe that moving, especially across the country, is the most efficient way known to man for losing things. That being said I am going to start blogging about the things that I learned about the west coast today. Today I learned just how cool Fog is.

I went for a walk today and well I didn’t get far. I was headed for a quick drive around Stanley Park and then I was going to head on over to Point Atkinson Lighthouse. Needless to say I didn’t make it far though the park little lone across the bridge to West Van.

I ran into another photographer and his wife on the Beach that were doing the same thing that I was. He was shooting with the Canon 1Ds Mark II, so we chatted about cameras and what not for a while. I can’t wait till Aprilish to look at getting that bad Oscar.

I grabbed this shot on the way home. I decided to drive up Davie to pacific and then roll home. I say decided bit what I really mean is I was in the wrong lane and I wasn’t really paying attention so Davie it was. Any way this was shot though my passenger window of the Golf