So I am hanging out in my kitchen drinking a beer (don’t ask) Miranda has disappeared to Montreal and I am here being a bachelor. SO I spent the first 24 hours that I was alone cleaning our house like from top to bottom, because I am going to paint some walls later this month and that is much more easily done when the place is clean :) I am kinda liking being alone but man o man I miss Miranda. I am getting lots of stuff done but I would prefer to be less productive and have Miranda here. Oh well what can you do :)
On a totally different note. I have hooked up with two models from OMP and have shoots and Coffee meets booked with them both. I have Erin this Thursday and I meet with Justyne tomorrow :) So we will see how that all goes. I also meet with Adam today to yak about doing some head shots over a cup of Starbucks swill. I hope to do a whack of photo shoots this week because I need the portfolio work and what have you. I also am looking for a new full/part time job to help pay the bills and stuff whatever I can get done this week the better. I have been working like mad on all these websites that I have going on as well so I am busy which I suppose is a good thing when one is Mirandaless :) I hope to have a few more ideas to Andr?a at Ruckus by the end of the week, as well as have a lot done on the Timberwolf site. Our site is basically done except for the content which is far from finished, another thing that I get to add on to my list of things.
Sunday was take Miranda and Scotty to the airport so they can fly to Montr?al day. On the way we stopped at a Booster juice for fruity goodness, and in the parking lot was a cool old Caddy. So while Scotty and Miranda were inside I hung out and took pictures.

After I dropped Miranda and Scotty of at the Airport on Sunday and on my drive home I spotted a cool old car parked off of Calgary Trail. (I mean Gateway Boulevard damn them and there dumb renaming of streets) so I fired around to take a closer look.

While I was driving down the alley to get to where the aforementioned car was I saw two others in a nearby auto body parking lot.

I had good times to say the least

So on Saturday we were driving around whyte ave area and there was a march against the Occupation of Iraq, that I had read about but the info that I had was that people were going to meet at Gazebo at 2pm. Well it was 20 after 1 and I was no where near Gazebo so it was still somewhat of a surprise to me. I stopped and grabbed a few shots but these are the only good two.

But I think it is food time so I am going to make something to eat now enjoy.

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  1. I miss you too :)

    The pics of the cars are really good. I really like how intensely blue the first one is and also the door handle of the second. Nice shots.

    Chat later! Love you!

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