Well today I didn’t get much done really with the exception of a little cleaning around th house. I called around all morning looking for Lofts for us to rent. So after a complex morning of phone calls and people that didn’t really sound like they knew what they were talking about, I found a number for a place that is a rental loft type place. So we went and looked at it and it was kind of the sort of thing that we were looking for, Brick walls, high beam ceilings hardwood floors, it was just that some one lost the other 1000 square feet of it. It was like 150 square feet. There would hardly be room for a bed in the place. It was I think in fact taller then it was wide. So ya. Then we went over to Jen’s place and had dinner and such. Now I am home with so much stuff to do :)
Well bye for now

Todays Song is the Weakerthans With the song Confessions of a futon revolutionist