Well this weekend was basically un eventful :) Miranda and I sat around home for most of it, but we got some relaxing in so that was all cool. So Saturday I sat down and I thought about something that has been on my mind for a while now. I thought about changing Um Ya Media Pro’s name. You see nobody really gets it. In fact I have yet to hear anybody actually say it right the first time. They either don’t try or they say it as one big word. So here I am starting to run advertisements and such when people cant even pronounce the company name. It isn’t going to bode well when it comes to getting clients. Also the name was devised for the video projects that I do. Um Ya is what I would like you to say when you leave the movie but not exactly what I would like to hear from somebody visiting my webpage. It all just didn’t fit together. So I needed a new name. SO Miranda and I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and then I slept on it and well we came up with Concept – New Media SO this is the new webpage and print media company that I will work under. Wow so there is that. Roy came in to town yesterday for coffee so we called up Mr. John Hawk and we all got together at the Smitty’s at Whitemud Crossing. He is doing cool and such he has a 6 month old kid and he is starting a new job today. Other then that I haven’t done much. I have been cleaning the house and reloading the laptop today. Later I am going to run down to my school cause the library has some books in for me. Later for now.