Well this week has been a little bit in the busy side of things I have been in my Crim course and man oh man this three week course bs is a little on the rough side. Its not that I have been really busy doing that but I guess that it is occupying a great deal of my day. :) Miranda and I have give up on the loft idea and have decided to make our apartment the coolest place ever. We went to Ikea and spent a whack O cash on lights and other such shit. We will when we finish this weekend have an art gallery house that has all the cool lighting and all that jazz. We have taken almost everything out of the living room except the Futon and Miranda’s desk and we are going to put particular painting in the walls and such. In fact Miranda is going to do an installation :)

We are off to my mothers this Saturday for her birthday so that should be all cool and everything. I don’t really know if Miranda is coming or if I am
going by my self but it will be a fun drive and everything. Other then that I am in my Crim class right now and I have just finished the second test
with time left over and all this is the what I do with it:) I dropped a whole whack of printing off at Staples to get done so that is all fun it should be
really fun to get them all back. I am giving one to mom for her birthday and since I am spending the 6 bux I might as well print a shit load. I am thinking about re-doing Fragile works again so it is more user friendly :) In fact I am going to work on that right now.