Well It is Tuesday and Today is looking to be a lot like the rest of the week. More School and more studying. I have two midterms on Thursday. Art history and Sociology. I am a little scared of these mid terms cause they are the first ones of my collage career. I am sure that I will do just fine on both but it unnerves me none the less. So Miranda And I had a bit of a fight today. The thing is I am not really sure what it was about. I was really bitchy this morning cause I didn’t have any smokes and I got mad at a cab driver that was being a bit of a prick whilst driving. Then when she got of the car at work she yelled at me and slammed the door to the car. I don’t really know what it was all about. Crazy times. I have a job interview at the Infamous Value Village today. WOW!! You are all saying that is cool you get to get cool clothes at cheaper then already cheap. Neat eh. I mean I know that it is Value Village and not IBM or MICROSFT but I am none the less sort of excited about it. Also I was at coffee last night studying when I ran into Eli, and he steered me to a place that might be looking for some assistance in digitizing a whole lot a poems and Prose and things as such. www.readtear.ca. The site is really cool and the project looks equally neat. So I fired of an email last night to them saying that I am looking to assist in some way. We will see how that goes. Any way I should go and have a Cig before I go to class so I will yak again at noon.