Well there is an up side to all things. This morning I had to haul my ass out of bed at some god awful hour to Drive Miranda to the Airport (going to Calgary) the upside is I got to run around and pick up a few copies of the latest SEE magazine that has MY PHOTO ON THE COVER!!!!

While it is not the photo that I would have chosen it is very cool indeed. So every one come on out to The George Bushes CD Release party at The Sidetrack Cafe tomorrow, and buy their CD so they can get really rich and pay me (just kidding about the pay of course, but make for damn sure that you buy a CD)

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  1. I picked up my copy of the mag just for this. It’s totally awesome and I’m bragging to everyone that I know the guy who took the pics. Congrats!

  2. Do you have an email address for Roy? There’s a band coming to Edmonton called Slaveco who is fronted by Mr. Chi Pig from SNFU. They’re playing The Liquid Lounge on Apr 16 and then on the 17th (Saturday) they’re doing an in-store at Megatunes. They’re a damn good band, but I think more Roy’s style than your guys.

    We’re going to see the Pixies!

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