Well I have talked to my student advisor about some of the things that I needed to know. For example am I in the arts transfer program automatically next year. Or do I need to do something funny :) You know stuff like that. He figures that I should just suck it up and go to the U of A and be done with it, but he doesn’t know if GMC will have Degree granting status then. So really it was just kinda useless all around. But what can you do this is the unwritten future that we are talking about. I am really tired today, because I was up till the wee hours of the morning working on my server trying to get it to work.  You see I got this new main board from Mike that has 2 regular IDE channels and 2 UDMA66 IDE channels. So the wonderful part about this is that I should be able to have up to eight devices hooked in. Sooo that would mean three to five hard drives, a LS120, and two CD-ROM’s. All in all that would be sweet, but the kicker is this. Every time I have anything plugged in to the UDMA66 channels the system freezes on startup. If I uninstall the drivers it will boot, but the minute that there is a device on the channel and the drivers are installed it freezes on boot. So I am like well it looks like there is something wrong with the install of windows. So I make an image of the drive so I have something to comeback to, and I get ready to do a fresh install. So I boot with the CD and I press F6 to install third party controller drivers, and windows setup begins to start and it freezes, so I am like well as if this isn’t a kick in the pants. I had to go to school so I am not really sure what to do next other then update the BIOS. 