Well I am sitting here in the Library of my school whiling the hours away till my next class. I really am hoping that I can keep this Diary thing going and everything. I wish that Blogger had a post method that would let me choose the date, but alas it doesn’t. I spent the better part of the day at Mike & Michelle’s place yesterday. It was the first ever “design party” as mike likes to call it. I brought over my machine and we fucked around in Photoshop for the better part of the day. About 5ish I grabbed Miranda and we all went to Boston Pizza by Capalino Mall for supper. We went to Capalino because mike had to pick up a computer case from Les’s Parents place. The food wasn’t as good as I would have liked but I was so hungry that I didn’t complain :). After we finished eating, we went back to mikes place where Miranda and Michelle watched a movie while mike and I fucked about downstairs some more.
I started a book yesterday. It will be a book of Photography that I will make and print and then Miranda will bind. I think that it would be really neat to do but it will take a really long time to get all the data together and done.
I received my English midterm back today with a mark of 65% which is a C letter grade. Well I guess that is all for now :)