Well Class was good today. We talked about the social control Theory which is a whole lot a complicated stuff. Tomorrow we have a guest lecture and then two more classes after that and we have the Final :) So I am thinking about looking at the script that I had started writing again. I need to finish it by Oct that has always been the goal date that I had thought was a bit to long. But guess what here we are half way through Aug and I haven’t done a thing on it :) Well Maybe next week :)

So I like love Fire wire :) I transferred the Whole project to the laptop and I was working on it in my breaks in class today It is basically finished I think I just need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Making sure that the cuts are perfect and the sound is good. Could take a little bit of work. Then I am going to look at Emily again. I just cant seem to believe that it is as good as Miranda says it is. I don’t really know how to look at this project objectively other then just doing it all text book. And that is what I think I will do. Anywho I am to be studying right now.