Here ye here ye I am here by designating the weekend of July 9th & 10th 2005 the official weekend of photography! This Entire Weekend is now a ‘take more photos of Edmonton and the surrounding area in a two day period then I have taken in the last 6 months’ weekend. For it will be the last weekend that I will have the pleasure of having in at least 5 to 6 weeks! I am inviting all photography types to join me in this exhausting marathon of creative craziness! My itinerary starts Saturday morning and will extend to the late evening on Sunday night. My preliminary goal is to achieve a huge cross section of subjects including street photography, landscape, post modern abstract, industrial as well as anything else that strikes my fancy. I am beginning planning of the weekend but I am open to any creative suggestions that one may have.

5:00 am – Sunrise
I am thinking of multiple locations for such an event but I am leaning towards a canola field in refinery row.

8:00 am – China Town and Area
A brisk walk around the China town area in the pleasant morning light.

10:00 am – 104th Street Outdoor Market
They close down a section of 104th street near 102nd ave for a Saturday street market.

12:00 am – LRT and City Centre
Play a game of cat and mouse with bored security guards that have nothing better to do then harass me.

2:00pm – Walk to Whyte Avenue via the High Level Bridge.

5:00 pm – Open for suggestions

10:00pm – Whyte Ave for photos of streets full of yahoos :)


5:00 am – all those sunrise places that I was thinking about for Saturday Morning but didn’t get!

7:00 am – City hall and the new Churchill square.

Afternoon – Street Fest on Whyte Ave
Yup they are going to close down Whyte ave for the afternoon and have a street market/festival thing!

On and On and On…
More to come as I figure it out but for now I need to get ready for this wedding.

2 thoughts on “Weekend of photography

  1. oh what fun!! sorry I missed it, was doing my very first photo shoot on Sunday though, great fun :)

    was this your last free weekend before the big move?

  2. Cool Cool how did your shoot go? It is our last free weekend mostly because of weddings but it is even crazier because of the moving and what not.

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