Today we were left with time to kill after breakfast, so we felt it best to go and test drive an Xterra. You see we have coveted the Xterra for about four or five years now, and we have been planning to buy one for about as long. All this tentative planning was of course contingent on the test drive! We tried to test drive one once when we lived in E-town, but the sales guy thought we were far too hooligany to be trusted with a new vehicle. He gave us guff and was generally really unhelpful, so we told him as much and left. Today we rectified all that with our trip to the auto mall. I kind of thought that they were going to have some stupid automatic that wasn’t an off road for us to test drive but we walked in asked and sure enough they had exactly what we wanted, an Off Road standard, sitting there waiting for us to test drive. Next we thought for sure the guy was going to come with us on the drive but after taking my Drivers license and a phone number he handed us the keys and sent us on our merry way. Alone. So where does one take a brand new Xterra Off Road while on the north shore, with no dealer riding shotgun!? Well under the Lions gate bridge of course!!


It was brilliant to tool about the ruts and mud holes with. Driving though puddles that would have permanently swallowed the versa whole (we were there two days earlier so when I say swallow I am not really exaggerating) didn’t even get the rims wet on the Xterra. Huge holes and hills were no problem for it. I played in four low for a while and I am sure there would be little that this couldn’t climb through or over in four low. The stock articulation on this thing is insane. 4X4ing never shows well in photos but you can at least see that there are four tires on the ground even with crazy bumps and hills. The visibility in this thing is insane!! While it is an SUV it is only 8 inches wider than the versa and a few longer. So after chatting it up with the sales guy at the dealership we bought it. (ours will be yellow) We will take possession on June 1st hopefully to be followed by a trip to the mud pits of stave lake or something!

3 thoughts on “We test drove an Xterra! Finally!

  1. that is so great!!!!! and yes, those holes WOULD have eaten up your wee car!

    congrats on your new 4×4..that is NOT an’s a 4×4!! :)


  2. as you should be because it is an awesome unit! Not quite as awesome as the one and only awesome unit! But more of a mobile awesome unit that will spread awesome everywhere it goes!

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