So we have arrived in the beautiful Vancouver and I am writing this blog post from various wifi that can be found in the local area of Darren’s home. We arrived much later than originally anticipated because of the weather. Not the weather issues that we normally face on our ventures out to the coast. No no The Rogers Pass? Fantastic! The big fucking mountain that is always hell when we drive though even in the summer? Wondrous! The coqahalla (sp?) Outstanding! In fact the entire trek though BC was wonderful and warm with no ice or other bad driving things. No sir the delay this trip was in sunny Alberta where winter has been gone for weeks there was freezing rain from Ardrie in to Calgary which took us about an hour the get though. It was crazy there was cars in the ditch every where and police and fire trucks littered about the area. We drove though Calgary and the streets were suprizingly good, so we foolishly thought that maybe we had been though the worst of it and that we should have no worries continue on west. We drove out of town maybe 2 kms and there is littered vehicles all over the road again and it was icy. We crawled to the top of a hill and were stopped by a fire truck and what looked like an accident scene. The Fireman informed us that it would be brutally stupid to continue so we got a hotel and spent the nigh in Calgary. We got to Van late had dinner with Darren at this neat Greek place and well here I am stealing wifi to post this

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  1. welcome both to what must truly be the better side of the rockies :) enjoy yur stay.

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