So we are now another two weeks in and where are we? Well we do have an idea and a plan. It is an ambitious plan but not ambitious plans are rarely as much fun :)

[blockquote type=”center”]The Film noir project is on hold right now. [/blockquote]

Things where getting a little bit big and slightly more complicated then our first production needed to be. All of the scripts were turning into much larger productions that don’t necessarily let themselves well to a “first” movie.

While we are Totally in love with the concept and we are very excited about filming our ideas, I feel like we just need to get something out to get the ball rolling and learn what we need to from it first.

Which brings us to the….

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″]My Rode Reel Contest![/custom_headline]
My Rode Reel is a contest that is run every year that I just learned about this week. The deadline is very very close but I think we can make it happen. Our idea is simple and are working title is

“How do you fence a parrot”

Last night we at a roundtable and hash out the details and I typed it up late into night so the rough script is here!!

Now we have a meager 19 days to plan shoot and edit this short with what is turning out to be many locations!!


That sounds like loads of time right?

Why? you may be asking yourself are we trying to complete this on such a short deadline and not just doing something else? It’s not because of the contest has a deadline, it is that the contest gives us a short deadline.

To light a fire under our butts, to get our ducks in a row or is my colourful mother would say to simply get our shit together.

“New Camera.”

What else is new well we happened through circumstance and craigslist get our hands on A fantastic used Black Magic Cinema Camera. It is the EF mount 2.5 K version and it is brilliant. I am using my Nikon lenses on it via Keewee EF to Nikon G adapter.
It shoots raw and after the firmware update shoots like a half dozen different versions of ProRes.


The abilities to manipulate the footage after-the-fact when shooting raw is amazing as that is how my workflow works as a photographer. However the whole Color grading your raw footage is a skill set that is quite a bit different than what I’m used to as a photographer. There will be a large learning curve and not to mention A lot of data so I think we will stick to some of the prores Versions until I can get a good handle on Raw.

This camera gets a lot of flack for not being user-friendly like a digital SLR I’m not doing everything out-of-the-box. Sound recording should be done to an external device the built-in LCD screen is hard to see blah blah blah blah. I find it great because it doesn’t one thing extremely well raw 2.5 K video with 13 stops of dynamic range. Just got it the day before yesterday I am still learning some of it’s quirks but that’s far I’m in love.

Plus it came with all the assessories like extra battery packs cage that make it pretty useable!

So there we have our update on what’s happening what we really need now are people are you people I think that we need you I think we need you you should contact us we need people people are awesome…..