So we have returned from the sunny and beautiful west coast and those that read Miranda’s journal know that we have drastically moved up the plan to move out there sooner. (as if one didn’t see that coming) A year and a half it seems so far away really but when we are busy here it will not seem so long, I hope. I think that I got some super sweet shots from our travels and I think that I may get a chance to look at them some time, after I finish all the photos that I have on the proverbial plate I will get to tear into the many Gigs that I shot out on the coast. I think there is some neat stuff to be had here but the difficulty of running around and talking photos in a scheduled time is that I may not be in the right place at the right time for a fantastic photo. It seemed that every place that I went to I was wishing it were a different time of day. I would be some where in the morning and I would wish it was dusk It would be dusk and I would want it to be night, so on and so forth. Not to mention that I didn’t even begin to think about getting any where near to scratching the surface of the photos that I can take out there. Everywhere you turn there is a fantastic photo just waiting to be captured and I simply cannot wait till I am there to get it all. It would take me years to begin to capture the sights and sounds that are in Vancouver and area and I am so excited and can’t wait to begin whittling away at it. All in good time I suppose.

On a more current note I have a wedding and an engagement session this weekend so I will be busy for the better part of the weekend doing photos and what not. I think that Sunday night if the weather cooperates I will go out and take some 6-hour exposures of the sky or what not. It will be fun but I need to do it soon because in a few months the sun is not very far from the horizon and there is a lighter part of the sky all night long, Winter is the best I guess but who the hell wants to stand out in 20 below weather for hours on end? Not me and certainly not my camera. So this is the best time I think. The nights are warm and the sky is still dark we will see if it is clear I will give it a try.