So after getting an exorbitant amount of work done before 2 O’clock I decided that it was high time that I go for a tour on the Sea Ferry. You see I am often stuck at home so exploring is not something that I get to do as much as I would like, so when I get the opportunity I grab a camera and some music and go for a walk. Yesterday I had to drop of the beetle at Frankie’s (only Vintage VW owners have a personal first name relationship with their mechanics) so I was actually delighted to hope the Sky train home, for it allowed me a short wander and I would get to experience something out of the norm. I am sure that I was the only one on the train that was having a good time. People always look so downtrodden on transit, almost like continued exposure to mystery smells, and close quarters to other humans actually robs you of your soul. Anyway I digress! So I have a free block of time and I have an errand to run on the north shore anyway I think mmmmm…. Sea ferry is good times. I will pay 3 or 4 bucks to ride a boat :) so when Miranda got home off we went!
Once on the other side we grabbed a cab to my errand at the Nissan Dealership in the auto city that is on the north shore. Seriously if any of you have ever been to the auto district you know what I mean! You drive over this big hill and plop yourself on the other side to be seriously affronted by ridiculously bright lights, more chrome then the parking lot of a Vegas Elvis impersonators convention, and whole lot more cars. In fact many a square mile of tightly packed car after car, most snugly wrapped in the protective plastic all neatly labeled with fuel statistics and horsepower figures. It can be overwhelming to the say the least. So our errand at the Dealership was to pick up our 2007 Nissan Versa as shown here (only ours is red) Photos of our actual car to come.


Yup we joined the rest of the world and got a car that was build after I was. (Don’t worry VW lovers the beetle is still around)
After we went to a magazine launch party (we won a fun award) and when we pulled into the valet I didn’t have to explain anything. There was no long winded explanations of clutch operation, no speeches about where they might look for reverse, no clarification of the seatbelt door situation. I didn’t even have to worry about fetching the car myself if the Valet guy couldn’t figure out how to drive it back. Nope we had no worries of this nature I simply pulled up and got out and handed them the key. New cars are neat!

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