Today I didn’t work, so I spent the day getting ready to go to Calgary and wandering about taking pictures. I wandered down the park area that they are turning into a bike path and the High Level Street Car extension. It is right next the 109st on the north side of the High Level Bridge for those not in the know. They have railway ties galore all stacked up near the PetroCan. I had full intentions of taking the Street Car down to Whyte ave. However it wasn’t running today. I mean it is Monday, I am sure that it is a poor day for tourists, not to mention the weather. So instead I walked down from the tracks and across the High Level Bridge. When I got near the south side of the bridge there was this almost perfect spiral made from wood chips and stuff in a clearing.

It made me think about this guy that takes pictures of flaming Spirals or this crazy guy Robert Smithson, that made a huge spiral of gravel and dirt in some lake in Utah that was this crazy installation art. He made it with the intentions that the water would over take the “art” and it would become part of the earth again. He thought that if the piece was not eternal, that it would not last the seasons and would disappear, it would be better art then if it was eternal and ever lasting. He was part of this crazy group that made art that could only be viewed right then. Like that other crazy guy Christo that wraps things, big things, Like islands and Bridges. Anyway I took some pictures of this one.
So onward I went really wondering why it is that I don’t do this sort of thing more often. I mean I really like just wondering about seeing what I can see. I was wondering with a semi destination in mind. I wanted to go back to this tree that I took picture of a while back and try again, cause I wasn’t really one hundred percent pleased with the first one. As I was wandering around in the blocks that are behind Keegans, I thought that I smelled Gasoline. Just as I was pondering this a pair of girls came up and said “hey do you have a cell phone?”

What it was, is there was this really really big Ford pickup

that was poring fuel out its side and on to the street. It was literally running out of this truck, and into the street. There was a huge puddle of gas hanging out in the street. So I phoned the fire department and they came in minutes to clean up the mess.

I watched for a min and continued walking to my tree.
After successfully capturing the tree I wondered around and ended up on whyte Ave. I bought one if the touristy books about Montreal you know the lonely planet type of Guides except I actually didn’t get the lonely planet one because it was all about the best place to stay in Montr?al and How to get there and back and Stuff. This one
has hardly any of that good stuff and appears to be more focused on the stuff in the city. I was about to take a picture of the Old post office when this group of guys come up and say hey you wanna take a picture of my mouse? My first instinct was to say depends on the mouse and where it is, but before I had the chance to make and Ass of my self pretending that I wit he opened a box that actually had a very little brown mouse in it. I took the picture

and they went on there way. I wandered some more an eventually caught a bus home. That has been my day thus far, but I had better get ready for Calgary.

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