I was up and at them really early this morning so i thought that me, a digital camera or two, and a random assortment of film cameras, should go hang out in the dark fog for a bit.  
Coal Harbour marina near the rowing club. This is as shot there was no fancy photoshop work to make the left black, it was just really dark there.

A point on the sea wall in Stanley Park. This was super hard to focus on because it was so dark. It was to far away for me to focus on my laser pointer like I normally do, so in the end I took a few at higher apertures and then I basically focus bracketed about ten photos to make sure that I had it. You can tell that this one is a higher aperture shot because of the lack of vignetting

This is the lighthouse at Brockton Point. These silly seagulls kept trying over and over to land on the top of the lighthouse, but it was really slippery and they would just end up sliding off. Super humorous to say the least, and again as shot here.

This was a raven hanging on some beach art at English Bay. I love how the fog turns the background bokah into nothing. I hope to run about again tomorrow morning as well because this fog is sheduled to take off in a day or two.

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  1. I luv the Marina shot, looks like something out of the movie “I know what you did last summer”, very creepy looking, LOVE IT….. Like your blog BTW

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