Well here it is I am at home and I am blogging! I don’t think that this has happened in a long while. I am waiting for a wedding to copy over to my laptop so I can work on it well it is taking a bit so I am going to post a hello. I got the flashes yester day and they are the shit I am uber excited and can’t wait till tonight when I go out for a night shoot with Andria We are going to go to the Legislature and play in the pools and get harassed by security guards. It will be good times indeed. The Ledge guards are actually quite mellow about stuff, which is not a normal security guard trait. Often I think it is an inherent fear of cameras stealing their souls or something because most are real authoritarian assholes. Anyway I am going to take the car in to get its tinting done today at about noon so I should get some other stuff done.