Well here I be waiting again at the airport for my darling mother to arrive, and her flight is totally delayed. It seams totally funny to me that it is delayed because it is a clear blue sky with a totally reasonable temperature. But alas the nice weather is only for us clever ones that have moved to the land without winter. So rather then bugger off and be totally late to pick her up from her late flight, I am going to write a blog entry. I don’t have a heck of a lot to blog about so I’ll try for witty commentary on what I see around me. I think that is white trash travel day, because I am surrounded by jackasses in Harley Davidson jackets & kids squealing like there are being skinned alive. I also have to laugh at the tourists info booth that is being used for storage, because its winter here. I still don’t get why this city shuts down when “winter” comes. I mean can understand the decreased tourist traffic in the “off season” but there is a huge untapped market of tourists that want to get away for the winter but don’t want to go to Cuba. Oh well what do I know I’m little more then a tourist my self. Ah what can I say other then this city is funny about their winter, I mean there is Daffodils blooming all over the dam place and it is February.