It is simply a vacuum cleaner. I thought I would post this particular photo because I was listening to The Frames on my drive back from the north shore this morning! What do the two have to do with each other? Well you see The Frames is the band that Glen Hansard (of the movie Once fame) is in. This got me randomly thinking about vacuum cleaners do to the prevalence of them in the movie, and then I thought, you know what photo I should post? That vacuum cleaner one that I took the other day! So here you are! This was taken on my unsuccessful walk to find a camera strap that doesn’t say CANON DIGITAL in bright red letters.
Lets Clean! :)
Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II Aperture: 1.2 Shutter: 1/1250 Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L ISO: 50 Date Taken: April.18.2008
So some may be asking what you were doing on the north shore this morning? Well I was talking with a man about a new door handle for the Versa. Because we are trading it up at the end of the month I finally got off my fat ass and started dealing with the hobo ravaged door. So perhaps I will have a shiny new handle for the few days before it is no longer our car. I liked the versa but boy you certainly could tell it was a cheap car. 1.5ish years and it is starting to rattle and fall apart. The gear shift looks like it has been vigorously shifted for 20 years, when it is really one and a half. The back has rattled since we got it, and the doors whistle and hiss. The Xterra feels like it is a really solid auto. I also find it awesome that when you type in terra using the T9word on my cell phone you get versa as the first option, and then when you press 0 you get terra!