So in typical jerk fashion I am going to make a feeble attempt to make up for months of sporadic posting with one long post filled with many photos and few words!

This morning I couldn’t sleep so I decided that I should go for a long walk. I took my RB67, 5D, a bunch of film, and a light meter and off I went. here are some of the Digital shots. The film will come someday


It wasn’t cold out but these birds sorta look cold.


I heart this train yard. I am glad we are still close where we are moving to.


It often seems like there is more effort put into the scaffolding on these “lets pretty up our city” projects then the pretty project them selves.


Interesting note on this. That curb is askew like that because I accidentally pushed it out of the way with the Xterra. We were shooting a portrit session with a couple which is why I parked there.   When we left I drove forward pushing it askew like it is. Just a note about how sign of the things we do are always about us!


I have taken 75 billion photos of this silly fountain and this is by far the first one I liked.  Something about it always brings me back to shoot it again but until now this is the first one I have enjoyed.


I had turned around to take photo of the empty cross walk when I saw the shadow and the feet I grabbed it instead :)

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  1. I agree with Allie, that fountain shot is wickedawesome. I’ve also shot the hell out of it and didn’t get it looking anywhere near that cool. Nice shots man!!

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