We went to see a couple of films at VIFF this week. First we went to see Cuba. Great doc that was filled with interviews and the like with some of the people that were involved in the revolution. There was some footage from Castro and other things like that but the bulk of the footage was interviews with the everyday run of the mill people, people like the court stenographer during Castro’s trial and other people that had a small part that turned out to be history changing. The thing that I took from this film was that one person can change the course of history. One small seemingly insignificant decision is all it takes to change the destiny of a nation, and the entire world for that matter. An example was when Castro was caught after the failed attack on the military armory. He was being escorted to jail by a man (I don’t remember the man’s name) and they were stopped by a corrupt policeman that wanted to “escort” Castro to jail, meaning he wanted to kill him. While it was the norm for this to happen and most of the corrupt police would have gladly done so this man insisted that Castro was to stand trial and refused the corrupt man’s request. The single decision of one man changed the course of history. The film was filled with other examples of single acts that looking back changed the course of history but seemed small and insignificant at the time.

The second was a film (well three shorts actually) called Tokyo. Crazy and absurd movies of complete brilliance. I can not and will not even attempt to describe them. You must see it. If it isn’t playing at the fest again to try and rent it/watch it online/download it. Pure awesome.

I have been going out of my way the last 4 or 5 years to avoid all thing to do with indie film and the like. Mostly because I will get the itch and drop everything and make crazy films again. All good except crazy films don’t pay rent, and I just doubled my rent I hope that I can do something about that this year or next. It is all about the time and I have little of it.

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