Just got the Ursa all setup with the SSD recorder last night and I figured I would test out what resolutions/fps I could do with a few SSD’s I have & here are my findings! These are by no means super scientific tests as I assumed that if it can record in a resolution at 60fps that 50, 40 etc would also work. same is true with resolutions. With the exception of 4.6k 2.4:1, 4k 16:9 & 2k 120fps I tested those individually) but I assumed that if 4k DCI 60fps worked then UHD, 2k and 1080 etc would also work. Also Prores at 4.6k just doesn’t even let you select above 40fps as is normal regardless of the media.

What do you guys think? Does this hold true to what you have been getting for the same cards?

Tested here are the Samsung Pro 256 and the Samsung Evo 500, and lastly an old Crucial M4 512 that I had been using with my BMCC 2.5k. I would love to see if the larger 500 it 1TB Samsung pro’s can do better? Thoughts?