So here I am at 3 in the morn at Keegans with Roy who has just gone for a Cig.. It is late and I am tired But hey its coffee time :) So ya I have been kinda busy as of late with the photography, and what not. I have had two separate head shot sessions this week and we have been booking weddings like they are going out of style. The wrists are doing ok but still not 100%.
Did a little street shooting today because it was super warm out :) I will post some shots if I get anything good. I am thinking about a site redesign again since it is just as much work to redo the site as it is to restore my old template. Miranda has just redid her site and Damn it looks hot.

Any way Roy is back from the smoke and battery is getting low.

Ariana Mancini - 188.jpg
Camera: Canon 1D Mark II
Aperture: f4
Shutter: 1/125
Lens: 28-80mm @ 65mm
ISO: 200
Date Taken: Jan.23.2004