Man it is like 3:30 in the morning in Vancouver. I am getting ready for my first trash the dress session in a warm ocean. It should be a riot I think. Both couples have been fantastic all week.I am a little nervous about shooting these things alone.It is funny because I was always an alone shooter, and something like this would be no problem, but it would seem that I have come to depend on M to be there to have a smooth flowing shoot.It’s the downtime that it takes to set up certain shoots which is killing me.See some times you need to work out exposure and think about the shot for a moment. Usually M & I take turns at shooting so I have time to set up my shot while she is shooting hers & Vice Versa.That moment is an eternity when the clients are sitting there watching you set up your shots and work out exposure. I am sure that it will all be good today so watch the other blog to see some results. So today I go and talk to a man about a plane ticket home.It is like a old spy novel and I am trying to escape the foreign invasion force.I go and I meet a man name is Ernesto slip him some CUC cash and he will book me passage on the next flight out! It is all very clandestine and devious!