You know it is crazy when you discover something about your laptop that you didn’t know before. Apparently I have a built in microphone! Who knew! My Laptop is also the proud owner of a gig of Kingston Ram. However that isn’t the best part, I went down to A Computers store to try there cheap ass crap Ram maybe I would buy a stick or something but I had little faith that that crap Ram would really work. And I was Right it didn’t, so the guy who wasn’t very clever in the ways of the Ram says to me
“well we have some Kingston ram.”
I laughed a little to my self because I expected it to be super expensive, but I asked any way…
“how much?”
After much fumbling around and walking from the front to the back to the front and back to the back he came back to the front and said $70 each. To which I replied sure I will take two!!! You see Kingston ram is super expensive, to buy it from lets say future shop or Staples would cost about $200 a stick and I got two for $140! In fact it was cheaper then the Cheap Ass Ram that they had for $105 I paid and ran!!

Camera: Canon 1D Mark II
Aperture: 4.0
Shutter: 1/30
Lens: 28-105mm @ 40mm
ISO: 400
Date Taken: Nov.05.2004