So over the last two days we have been slowly driving back from Alberta the long way around. Instead of going the most direct way that would get us from Edmonton to Vancouver very quickly we thought we would make the drive fun and go the longest possible way that we could. We went south to Red Deer and turned west at Sylvan Lake where we found the neatest little scooter company that is actually based in Langley BC – Volano Scooters – although we are sure these are the “cheap P.O.S’s” that Jiang Wayne was talking about one time. We thought that it was hilarious that we went to the middle of a field in Alberta and discovered uber urban things that come from our home.

Stopped on the highway to take photos of this old house in the middle of a canola field.


We actually were going to go through the field and check it out, but the canola was so thick we couldn’t even walk. The best we could get is a long lens shot of it from the highway. We stopped in Rocky mountain house on our way to the parks. We took the ice fields parkway south to the Trans-Canada and we stuck on that till we got to Revelstoke where we decided that we would spend the night. We ended up staying at the campiest place ever just for the heck of it! We didn’t set out to stay at the campiest place ever but it just sorta happened that way. Check out the floor in the bathroom! A word to the wise, Round Beds suck!





In the morning we hit the road early but we didn’t make it far before we found a place that we had to check out. This is an old abandoned motel right on the side of the road. We only had to hop one fence to get to it!





So we wandered around with cameras for 20 minutes. After that we weren’t on the road for more then 10 minutes before we found the next abandoned place. This is an old sawmill that looks just like it shut down one day and never started back up.




There is everything still there and not even badly vandalized (probably because it’s in the middle of nowhere.) So we wandered around that for about an hour. We stopped next in Sicamous for breakfast. We found a country breakfast buffet that wasn’t half bad. Because we like to drive places that we haven’t seen before we took the long way home. We went though Vernon and Kelowna as apposed to the quick route via Kamloops. We didn’t really stop anywhere except this._y1o3301.JPG

I have never been to Osoyoos or Princeton so we took the 97 and the 3 home. Fantastic scenery and we found a few more scooters on the way! There is a town called Keremeos that is about halfway between Princton and Osoyoos that was filled with old beat up tractors and well worn Vespa’s as well as wicker scooters!

_y1o3373.JPG _y1o3391.JPG

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  1. totally random,
    but i have photos of that house and trees
    but in the fall.
    it’s so pretty

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