Today I installed a new Trailer Hitch onto Tiny. It was a generic hitch that i got from Extreme Terrain. I also added the Rugged Ridge Trailer Wiring Harness to the mix as well.

I have been and will be getting a lot of these beat up cardboard boxes that are not quite suitable for the very heavy things inside.
I went for this hitch partly because it was in stock but mostly because the four nuts that you bolt into are tack welded to the hitch so you can just stick it in and bolt it on. Other versions that have the bolts loose require the removal of the rear bumper to access the backside of the hitch.

Speaking of bolts these were not included in this hitch so my advice confirm that your hitch comes with all the necessary hardware.

Install was just that simple though. Lift into place, wiggle in the four bolts though the hitch and the corresponding holes in the rear frame and tighten it all up, and voila! You now have a hitch.

Installing the Rugged Ridge Light harness was equally as easy. You unscrew the two righ side screws on the Drivers Side tail light. Open it up and unplug the wire from the tail light itself.

Next plug in the harness to be in-between the light and the Jk’s factory wiring. then fish the trailer hitch end of the cable down though the foam isolator pad that is at the bottom of this cavity and out though the frame.

Sadly one of my little quick clips that you stick into the hole on the frame was broken in the bag so I had to zip strap that section.

Boom!! Hitch!!