So my Mother came in to the city today and we had a good visit. I drove her about a bit this afternoon, and then Her, Dan, Miranda and I went for Dinner at Joey Tomatoes. It was an absolute blast to see these two sheltered, and half crazy country folk in a place like Joey Tomatoes. It was great, I even got to teach my Mom how to say Quesadia(Sp?) and then explain what it was. I otherwise spent the day in my office running through hundreds of photos on my computer. I have this new personal goal you see. I have personally declared that I will have gone through all the pictures by the end of the month that they were taken in. Well I am almost done august :) (Well I guess not almost done so much as getting close to the point in which I can say that I am getting close to the point of saying that I am almost done.) The idea is that I will have this month end motivation, but I am really glad that the latest Jasper trip that mike & I just did falls into September other wise I simply wouldn’t have a hope.
Now I am really torn about the Weakerthans show that is coming up. On one hand I really wanna go simply because the Weakerthans totally rock, (I just realized what I have just typed and I am waiting for Keanu Reaves to jump out from behind the computer and yell “DUDE!!!!!) but on the other hand I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I think I would. I have discovered that most band that I really really like to listen to on albums aren’t the best live. I mean some bands can really shake it up on stage but I really don’t get into it. I think it is because I have certain delusions about the band that I would really like to be left as is. I mean I have a mental image of the players and the personalities that go with that and everything. I think that is what makes listening to them on Cd so enjoyable to me, they are people that I “know” and like because I have made them up in my mind based on there music. The idea of going to a show that I will actually see these people and crush the fictional characters that I have made in my head is not that appealing. Now I do like going to shows don’t get me wrong but I get far better enjoyment out of a band that I have never heard of because I can forgo all the aforementioned stuff and just get to know the person as they are..
Well I am back at the photos trying to get as many done as I can because I will be short on time for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is Scotty’s Birthday bash at the nontraditional but far more convenient location of Nikitas, which will be loads of fun I am sure. On Saturday I may have a double shuttle that wouldn’t get me back into town until late afternoon, and Sunday we are off to my Grandfathers for a barbecue, so on and so forth.
I got a comment on one of my journal entries from Dar today. w00t!! I haven’t really had a comment before; I in fact thought that the comments thing didn’t even work :) Thank you for the comment :) This actually brings me to my next point about the posting that I have been doing lately. As some of you may notice I am posting more actual content then I have been in a while. I can explain this new found voice that I have. I actually used to post quite a bit of stuff back in the day but it fades in and out with the seasons. However, as of late I have really wanted to post more here but I was keeping this pretty low key because I would send people that were interested in my photography here, and in an effort to retain some sense of professionalism I would refrain from posting inane garbage, mild ramblings, & full fledged rants. But as of a while ago I have a new site to send people to so I can have my personal ranting, photo blog back. And the prospect of actually having some sort of audience is a huge motivator as well. I also hope that if I get time I will change the layout of the site to something a little more fun. We will see.
These are the best lines from a Weakerthans song Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist! (in the Mp3 List to your right)
Leave the apartment to buy alcohol
Hung our diplomas on the bathroom wall
Let’s plant a bomb at city hall and kill an MLA!
and talk the night away.

This is a shot from the High Level Bridge Train. If you get the chance check this train out. It only costs 3 bux for a two way trip that you can use anytime that day and you get to see some fun stuff.

Camera: Canon EOS Canon 10D
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/90 sec
Aperture: f 9.5
Lens: 28-80mm @45mm
Date Taken: August 21 2003

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  1. I like that you have a voice, but the whole web cam thing is a little creepy for me. As I am typing this it looks like you are stareing at me, I know you can’t see me but, you are looking right at me. Anyways just had to post to say I like that you are adding some words to go along with the pics(which I like also).

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