So in an effort to start posting more often and less of the weekly epic long novels here is my daily post. Today was busy, quite busy, after a morning of running around downtown I was able to come home for lunch :) which was really leftover supper from the night before. But the good news of today was all the cool stuff that came in. I got my first 13 prints back for the Home builder and they look fantastic :) I got all set up in Carousel Photo‘s pro client database or what have you and I am now getting the professional pricing on all my prints. (This saves me a lot of money)

I also got my stamp today :) So now I feel like a real business because I have a company stamp.

See stamp isn’t it exciting :) but I need to have a shower and do some other stuff so I will leave it at that.

5 thoughts on “Today today

  1. REILLY!!!!
    good for ya budday!! congrats!!
    we both would love to go out for coffee or something before we leave :)
    oh yeah which picture did you sell?
    take care…

  2. stamp is very cool … I want a stamp ;-) .. congrats on the picture selling! That is amesome blossom!

  3. i like the stamp idea. how much did that cost? i want one. no reason, really. but i could stamp things, and then they would say “asylus” on them, and then that would be good.

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