Today today

So you ever have those days that you just wish you could go back to bed and wait for the next one. Well today is sorta shaping into being one of those days. My day started after waking up at 8am this morning, which is not really a particular early time. But if you take a gander at my last post you will see that this was sorta an early morning for me, even by my asinine sleeping standards. But when it comes to being tired, as usual I haven’t anybody to blame but my own foolish self and this crazy unflinching need that I have to not go to bed on time. So anywho I roll my fat, groggy ass out of bed and into some clothes, I drive Miranda to work, come home to do a couple of things about the house before going to work myself. This is my last day of work and I am kinda feeling crappy about it, it is a job that I quite enjoy, I like the people, and who can complain about the pay, yet it is the last day and I am trying really hard not to be unreasonably grumpy about it. So I run down stairs and get into the car, and…. I guess first I should give a bit of background to the car, lately it has been kinda grumpy about starting and has some things that it really needs to go in to the shop for, we have been passively tiring to figure it out what is causing the grumpiness but we haven’t come up with anything that is particularly concrete. This morning in fact it wasn’t terribly trilled about the prospect of starting but it finally conceded to it after spot of coercion. ….. So I run down stairs and get into the car, (the very same car that was just running) and turn it over and over and over and over and over and well to make a very long run on sentence into an even longer run on sentance the car utterly fails in everyway shape and form to produce any results that resemble a working auto. I try again and well we can all guess as to the amount of success that I had this time around. So this is at 8:30 am this morning, and I came up at 10am and had some food and drink and went back down to try and figure it out some more. Now I am what I not what you would call “the stereo typical male” I mean I take pretty pictures and sit in front of a computer for far too many hours a day. I could give a flying fiddlers fuck about anything that is sports related, i dont make lude jestures toword women, and I know shit about shit when it comes to cars. I did grow up on a farm so I suppose that I do know more then some but that doesn’t mean that I am very adapt nor suited for such activities, (in fact miranda is better at car stuff then me u go girl) but alas here I am in the parking garage trying to figure it out. I am thinking I am an ok person I don’t litter or anything what is the reason for this craziness. Was I a bad person in another life? WHY?
So like two years ago the car did something similar to this and after trying unsuccessfully to figure it out then we took it in and the problem was a 96 cent connector on a wire that we had hummed at a couple of times. This time it was the same wire only the other end. Now with my aforementioned inaptitude at such things it took me the better part of an already grumpy day to get this figured out. Arrgg… But on the bright side the car is now working and this may also fix what ever was making the car grumpy before. We can see. I am going to go for a walk with my camera now and see what I can do about cheering my self up.

On another note, who wants to go for coffee tonight or another night? I guarantee that I will be a happy go lucky person that lights up the room. I will not in any way grump about any thing (cept maybe the Macintosh computer but that will be minor) really I won’t!!
Coffee is a good thing and can not be brought down by me and my idiosyncratic trials, tribulations, gripes, and bitches that in the grand scheme of things mean nothing, and will be well forgotten in the distant future, were as Coffee with good company is something that can be cherished and remembered for a lifetime. :)