Normally topics like time management are not the sort of thing that I tend to talk about, however today I am going to talk about my Time Management, or should I say my complete & utter failure at utilizing any of it. I would have to say that with the exception of complaining that I am not blogging enough, the only thing that I complain more about on this site would be ‘time’, or to be more precise, my distinct lack of it.  This perceived “lack of time” is also my default excuse for all sorts of things, procrastination and broken promises for example.  I specifically said the perceived lack of time because I know that I am not using my time to its fullest and I know people out there that accomplish about 1000x more than me in a day.

So step number one towards my new fancy time managed world is I am going to start tracking every single second in my day to help determine where there is time being wasted & find ways that I can be more efficient at the things that are just a time suck.  Step two is going to be taking that time tracking data and using it to organize my time more efficiently.

Why do you need to recoup all this time? Well I am going to be taking on some rather major projects in the upcoming weeks and to make sure that I don’t just fail out of the gate with them I am doing what I can to ensure my house is in order, and that I can fit them into my life.

What projects? Well, to start with I am taking on the photo user group of our building, meaning I will be running photography related workshops, and dealing with the administration of the user group. In upcoming months My Friend Lisa is planning to make a music video, as well as play some open mic nights, and hopefully do some summer sidewalk performances. What else?…. Oh Ya…. Starting this Friday (April 16) I am starting my 4440 project, which is by far the most ambitious photo project that I have ever undertaken. Details of which will be revealed later this week!

So basically what I am saying is that I am not allowed to complain about lack of time, or say that I wish I had more time. I am no longer allowed to blame things on my lack of time, or sorry I ran out of time.  I figure that if I am simply super efficient about everything that I am doing,  I can do whatever I need to, and accomplish what ever I want to accomplish. So that’s that.

3 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. Holy crap, I can totally relate to this. I’m not as ambitious enough to track everything by seconds, but I am certainly looking at hours of the day. ;)

    Am looking forward to the 4440 project! Yay new photo projects and things!

  2. Dear god, you’re starting to sound like me! But I too am looking forward to the 440 Project. And the new happenings in the photo darkroom.

  3. The mere act of writing down what you do as you do it in a notebook like

    9:00 – 9:15 phone call with the crazy cat lady

    Causes you to use your time wisely, and not waste it on frivolous things like reddit, or reddit again in 10 minutes, or reddit for the rest of the day =p

    Good luck!

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