So this is the first post written and posted on my new Hp iPAQ. It is the latest thing that we ought for the business. I also have this really neat keyboard that we bought for the thing that interfaces via the IR port and allows me to type at a reasonable speed. It is sorta small so it slower then the average keyboard but it is cool because my spelling errors have decreased substantially because I am typing as fast as I should be thinking as opposed to the type it all out and use the spell checker later method that I have used in the past. So ya it is a really neat little unit. That has built in bluetooth and an optional compact flash or SD expansion. After work I am going to run to Compusmart and see if they have a CF wireless card for it. I saw online that they have a Compact flash/wireless card that is also a 128 flash memory card. I called about it and they don’t have any in store but they can get them in. So I will go after work and put down there 15% that they need to special order it in. I might look at buying it online because it will take the same amount of time I am sure. I kinda want to get it before this things 15 day return runs out. I mean if this isn’t able to operate like I think it can in a networked environment then I could make do with a far cheaper version of it. MMmm. If I order on line it may come quicker. I am at work right now typing away about not much, so although my spelling may have improved i still ramble like a lobotomised chimp.

I suppose I can divulge the big News that everyone keeps asking about even if it isn’t 100% fir sure at this point. I have been doing a lot of work with The George Bushes taking photos and what have you for there promo Cd and what not. Well the big news come from they are having a CD release party March 19th at the Side track Caf? (Everyone better be hauling your asses out and seeing this show.) So they are having this huge write up in See Magazine promoting their release party, complete with they get the full cover spread on the march 18th issue. The cool News is that they want me to take the promo photos for the issue. ME! Ya it will be really cool if all works out, it would be my first published work yaa. So I have the next two days off and then I work for One day and then another one off then I don’t remember. But ya I can again go the mighty house of Keegans and spend hours and hours and there is nothing that they can do because I am not using there electricity. I t will take a little getting used to but I have all the main programs right here. Any way I am done work so I will stop now.

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  1. finally. very cool news, and congrats. have to get asylus to mail me a copy of the issue when available. good job! but then you’re good ;)

  2. well the new news is that we wont be getting the whole cover :( but we will be getting a larger part of it I think. We are also looking to get the cover of Vue Weekly as well. It is still freeking cool.

  3. Reilly, I think you are a wonderful photographer…my fiance has been thinking about becoming a free lance photographer here lately but we can’t afford one of those good camera’s, all we have is a digital p.o.s and to take a good shot you have to make sure you time it perfectly right or else the whole shot is screwed and never get a good one after that…plus by the time it actually does take the picture it’s not of the pose you wanted originally or of anything you actually want. I actually wonder where I might be able to find a cheaper better camera…who knows. Ebay probably. Well, I don’t know how I came across your webpage…I typed in lemon marainge and it brought your journal up so i was nosey :) by the way…its meringue…the spell check said so after i typed it in…anywho…my son’s name is riley…what a coincidence huh? Well…I guess that’s all I really have to ramble on about…It’s passed my bed time and Riley finally passed out…Good Luck in whatever it is that youre doing.

    God Bless!

    Kelly, Riley and Damon

    P.S i hope it is okay with you that i share your work with some of my friends who are also interested in photography…

  4. Well thank you for you lovely comments Kelly. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with the camera hunting Happy shooting

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